Lifestyle changes that improve
blood pressure and heart health


Simple daily practices, such as slow paced breathing, mindfulness meditation and movement practices have been proven by research studies to improve blood pressure.

With an individualized plan, personal guidance and group support,
I created this program as a physical therapist,
To make the transition easy and free your heart from extra pressure.

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Changing lifestyle is more than different diet and new exercise routine...

How do you experience life and health?
Have you been...

...spending a lot of time worrying about our health?

...feeling agitated or easily irritable all the time

...experiencing shortness of breath, chest pains, and palpitations

...not enjoying sex or have stopped having sex

...having difficulties to keep ourself motivated to do what the doctor and recommendations tell us to do

...confused, because with medication and lifestyle changes our blood pressure is not under control

...frustrated, because medication is causing anxiety and other side effects

I would like to help people, who…

…Are in a vicious circle of high blood pressure which causes anxiety and stress and then increases blood pressure.

…Have been unable to genuinely connect with their family and friends.

…Are afraid to exercise.

…Feel guilty about being disconnected from their partner.

…Are in a constant struggle to work on their lifestyle changes.

…Have to be continuously monitored by a doctor, for fear that something can go wrong at any moment.

…The medication that is supposed to be helping, is also making life miserable.

did you know?

Having high blood pressure has severe consequences if it stays untreated.

Conventional medical approaches do not address the root cause of high blood pressure.

Healthy lifestyle changes lower the blood pressure significantly, potentially to the point where medication becomes needless or moderated.

Anxiety and worry activate neurological and hormonal stress responses in the body that raise blood pressure.

By understanding your body’s needs, implementing simple daily activities that you enjoy reduces anxiety and improves blood pressure.

Breathing practices, especially slow diaphragmatic breathing, affect the central nervous system in a way that lowers blood pressure and calms the mind.

What is a perfect lifestyle changing goal...?

Knowing simple ways to find calmness by carving out time every day to release stress and check in with the mindset.

Being able to be more present and enjoy time with friends and family.

Being guided towards easy and safe exercise that can be done often.

Feeling comfortable again to intimately connect with our partner.

Having an enjoyable routine that fits our lifestyle and reduces anxiety.

Learning the tools and exercises to counterbalance the side effects of our medication.

Learning how to shift from worrying to feeling safe.


In 2015, I conducted a 12 weeks research program that proved high blood pressure could be reduced using alternative techniques such as yoga and meditation. After seeing the results of the participants and how implementing simple changes improved their blood pressure, I have been very passionate about this topic ever since. 

Now as a physical therapist with more experience and a complex understanding of neurophysiology, I am very excited to provide solutions for people to feel more empowered about their health and to overcome threatening chronic diseases. 

On a personal side, I have also suffered from debilitating anxiety and chronic depression for years. With the support from other practitioners and the toolset of yoga, meditation, breathing practices and free form dancing, I now experience reduced anxiety and find life to be very-very enjoyable. 

There are many resources available to support our well-being. Once these tools become a part of your everyday life, you begin to thrive on a physical, mental and emotional level. Join me on the journey to eliminate suffering!

With love, dr. Zita

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Attila S. (45)

I am grateful for Zita, that I could be a part of the experimental group that she organized. She introduced me to a form of yoga that can positively influence high blood pressure. She built the structure of the training in a way that it was easy for us and we also received daily breathing exercises. I was blown away, when I saw my reading before and after only 5 minutes breathing practice. Both my diastolic and systolic measurements were 5-10, sometimes 20 points lower. The asanas and the relaxations taught me how to take care of body and health on a completely other level. I highly recommend learning from Zita alternative options how to support your heart health.”

Rebeca T. (48)

“She has helped me a lot with my shortness of breath and taught me breathing exercises. I honestly don’t know anybody who can take care of me at so many levels. My emotional and physical well being has improved since I met Zita. She talked to me about meditation and she has inspired me to be a better mom and wife. My husband and kids noticed a big change on my pain levels and they mentioned that I look happier since I met Zita. I seriously don’t know a more professional and dedicated practitioner. She’s always willing to try new techniques and she takes the time to study and learn about my condition. I cannot express how grateful I am for all the help I received from her in the last 2 years. Zita is an amazing therapist and a caring and compassionate human being.”


Mentorship guiding you towards a


Understanding what is the root of your anxiety

Supportive community

Group meetings allow you to share your wins and worries with people going through and experiencing the same things

Simple practices to soothe your anxiety, stop worrying thoughts and start enjoying your days

Finding more peace, through experiencing meditation and mindfulness in a simple way

Learning how to intentionally switch from fight or flight to rest and digest state

Learning how your hormonal and neurological response can maintain chronic stress, regulating your mood, thoughts and health

Professional help on improving your cardiovascular fitness

Motivation and guidance to improve your lifestyle and lower your blood pressure.

Content, structure of the Training

1. WeekIndividual consultation – 1 hour

  • Signing up and filling out Blood Pressure Quiz.
  • Addressing attainable goals on the Lifestyle Chart for 4 weeks.
  • Evaluation of cardiovascular of cardiovascular fitness and any possible risk factors.
  • Creating an individualized plan.

2. Week Health as a way of life

  • Pre-recorded educational videos and audio.
  • Group Video Call: sharing circle and breathing practice. 
  • Topic: Health as a mindset and the 3×3 pillars of health.
  • Tools: to soothe anxiety.

3. WeekBreathing, emotions and anxiety

  • Pre-recorded educational videos and audio.
  • Group Video Call: sharing circle and short mediation together.
  • Topic: The healing power of breath. Learn about: diaphragmatic breathing, parasympathetic nervous system and vagus nerve, hormonal connection to stress response.
  • Tools: use of breath as medicine, as support of your heart.

4. WeekMovement practice to take pressure off the heart 

  • Pre-recorded educational video and audio.
  • Group Video Call with sharing circle and movement practice together.
  • Topic: How exercise and active lifestyle help you to get out of your head.
  • Tools: improve posture and balance your body.

5. WeekUnderstanding anxiety and how to transform into joy and balance. 

  • One-On-One Call with me.
  • Pre-recorded educational video and audio.
  • Topic: Heart centered emotions, how to connect them with affirmations and self-love practice.
  • Tools: gratitude practice and basics of Meditation, to help changing mindset.

Content, structure of the Training

1. WeekIndividual consultation – 2 hours

Addressing attainable goals together for the end of the 10th week.

Evaluation of cardiovascular of cardiovascular fitness

Creating an individualized plan.

2. Week Health as a Mindset

Education to have a profound understanding of what good HEALTH is made of.

Exploration 3×3 pillars of health 

Body, Mind, Spirit, Breathing, Nervous system, Posture, Diet, Active lifestyle, Rest

3. WeekBreathing and emotions

The importance of breathing: oxygenation, metabolism, nervous system and homeostasis.

Diaphragmatic breathing: Anatomy, physiology and effect on the Vagal tone.

Pranayama (breathwork) in everyday life.

4. WeekExercise vs. Active lifestyle

What effect exercise and active movement has on your body and mind.

What type of exercise, how long and what frequency?

Importance of the combination of Cardio, Strength and Mobility training.

5. WeekRegulation of the Nervous system

Autonomic nervous system, importance of the Vagal tone

How to induce Vagal tone (polyvagal theory)

Basics of Meditation and how it changes your mindset

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, having a blood pressure monitor by hand to keep track of your measurements is necessary and also recommended if you are diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Yes, having high blood pressure requires constant monitoring by a physician. It is recommended to see a doctor four times a year to be able to keep the blood pressure controlled. If you’re planning to join the course make sure, you have consulted with your physician no longer than 3 months.

Yes, the practices and exercises will not interfere with the pharmaceutical medication.

No, you need to consult with your physician before you make any changes in your medication.

If you suffer from depression or you observe signs of hopelessness, please consult with a qualified healthcare professional. The tools, techniques and practices of the program help to find peace and clarity. If we consistently practice them, the more emotional resilience and mental clarity is gained, but they do not replace personal consultation with a mental healthcare professional.

If you have come this far, you will be fine navigating through weekly online lectures and Zoom calls.

If you decide, it is not for you, please email me within 7 days from the beginning of the course and I’ll refund money 100%.