Throughout my life I have been to several physiotherapists for injuries, pains from accidents, strains, arthritis and muscle aches. 

Having seen so many physical therapists and experiencing their methods of treatment, which were slow and extensive, I can honestly say that Zita’s brilliance in the practice of physical therapy sets her far apart from any other physiotherapist I have seen. 

 Shortly after being under the care of Zita, I  realized her extensive knowledge of the human body and the appropriate treatments to various parts of my body resulted in most instances, immediate relief and for sure ongoing improvement since I have been under her care.  My rapid improvement and the lasting effects of her work is most impressive.

Dianne C.

Los Angeles, CA

I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, a progressive systemic sclerosis in 2012, but I’ve been living with Fibromyalgia for 12 years. I started to look for about possible alternative treatments.

Zita introduced me to the magical world of craniosacral and myofascial therapy. I never like massages because I have pain all over my body and my skin hurts all the time, but Zita’s gentle therapy has changed my life. The pain in my fingers caused by Acrosclerosis which is a combination of Raynaud’s and scleroderma, has gone from excruciating to tolerable and some days to inexistent. It all depends on the weather and my stress levels which Zita has been able to reduce with craniosacral sessions, but the most amazing thing is the organ manipulation she has done in my body. I never mentioned her about my gastrointestinal motility issues, but she noticed them in one session. She has helped me a lot with my shortness of breath and taught me breathing exercises. I honestly don’t know anybody who can take care of me at so many levels. My emotional and physical well being has improved since I met Zita. She talked to me about meditation and she has inspired me to be a better mom and wife. My husband and kids noticed a big change on my pain levels and they mentioned that I look happier since I met Zita. I seriously don’t know a more professional and dedicated practitioner. She’s always willing to try new techniques and she takes the time to study and learn about my condition. I cannot express how grateful I am for all the help I received from her in the last 2 years. Zita is an amazing therapist and a caring and compassionate human being.

Rebeca T.

Los Angeles, CA

I am grateful for Zita, that I could be a part of the experimental group that she organized in 2015. She introduced me to a form of yoga that can positively influence high blood pressure. The experimental group lasted for 12 weeks and she created this all for her research project. She built the structure of the training in a way that it was easy for us and we also received daily breathing exercises. 

I was blown away, when I saw my reading before and after only 5 minutes breathing practice. Both my diastolic and systolic measurements were 5-10, sometimes 20 points lower. The asanas and the relaxations taught me how to take care of body and health on a completely other level, that helped my High blood pressure even more. 

I highly recommend learning from Zita alternative options how to support your cardiovascular health.

Attila, S

Budapest, hungary